Thursday, November 8, 2018

The only Thanksgiving recipes you'll need

My sister-in-law unabashedly assigned us specific Thanksgiving recipes every year. "Why not just request a dessert?" I asked my husband early in our marriage. I soon learned of the meticulous way she selected recipes; searching cookbooks, magazines, and this source. The result was an absolutely epic meal year after year.

Due to her efforts, I'd like to think our family has a solid list of the best Thanksgiving recipes around. Whether you're hosting or bringing a dish to pass, I can promise these recipes will not disappoint:

If your a prepare-in-advance-type-gal (that's me!), you can't go wrong with this Ina Garten recipe. It's delicious (especially that stuffing!) and you're guaranteed to impress your guests with your skills.

But if it's just not Thanksgiving without the presentation of the whole bird, this recipe is our tried and true, with gravy.

But truth be told, I'm in it for the side dishes, and there are so many good ones.

The best stuffing.

The best salad and this citrusy gem.

As I child, I loved canned cranberry sauce, but this grown-up version (minus the pepper) is much more appetizing.

If sweet potatoes are your thing, these are the best. These are delicious and beautiful. But you also can't go wrong with the traditional buttery mashed.

These green beans are full of flavor and can compete with the Thanksgiving favorites.

If you're kids are like mine, it's not dessert without chocolate. This pie hits all the seasonal notes (mmm, that cinnamon) while satisfying your chocoholic.

But a girl's gotta have her favorite pumpkin pie. And the girl's husband has to have his apple pie.

And while we're on the topic of Thanksgiving, do you dress up for the holiday? I love to wear something pretty, but comfortable. I just ordered these (hello, elastic waistband) to wear with a simple sweater and colorful statement earrings. And I love these festive heels, but these beautiful flats are more practical for running around the kitchen. Cheers!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Election Day

It all seems cynical now, but as a teen, I used "privileged" like a dirty word. As in, "how privileged to have two parents?" Or, “how privileged to buy that thing/travel there/do that?" And like most teenagers, it was undoubtedly said with attitude and a scowl. Within my own vocabulary, "privileged” was interchangeable with "spoiled."

There's no denying privileges yield certain advantages, but it's not exactly "spoiled" if it's appreciated and respected as the blessing it is.

In this country we all share one privilege: the ability to vote. It's the gift of an opinion, and to make that opinion heard. Don't squander that.

Last week, I returned home after my kindergartener's Halloween parade to find a message about a possible area bomb threat (that turned out to be nothing more than a prank). I was moved to tears thinking about how often I take our safety for granted; and how that safety can quickly be compromised.

I typically avoid political discussions here not only because I'm saddened beyond words, but because I want this space to be peaceful and uplifting. However, regardless of your political affiliations, I encourage you to use your privilege to vote today.

If you're in Wisconsin, your polling place can be found here, and here's a sample ballot. A complete list of candidates in our state can be found here.

Are you voting today?
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