Thursday, July 19, 2018

Why is vulnerability important?

Perhaps it's the endless news stories on sexual harassment, but I've found myself thinking a lot about vulnerability lately. Only recently have so many women felt safe to reveal their nightmares. And although I can't speak personally to this subject, I imagine it takes an enormous amount of courage in the face of vulnerability to do this.

Because in sharing your truth, no matter the circumstance, there is the perceived weakness and judgement that comes with being truly seen.

After years of working to distance myself from my own family secret, I made the decision that it was a part of my story worth telling. I realized the disjointedness I was feeling was a direct result of my unwillingness to share my whole truth in an effort to fit in (it feels silly even typing that). I was a mess the day I hit publish on this post (vulnerability is uncomfortable!), and publicly aired something so personal, however, I no longer wanted to carry it alone.

In the days that followed, I received such sweet words of support that something shifted in me.

My upbringing taught me vulnerability is a weakness, and being tough in the face of tragedy or hurt is a necessary strength. The problem is most often those feelings go unresolved, and are buried deep. And shame grows in those quiet, unseen places. Shame can be fatal.

Only through sharing fears, insecurities, and differences, can we break those perceptions wide open, eliminating all power over our lives.

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, it leads to deeper connections with others, and with oneself. And it empowers others to stand in the light of truth.

How has vulnerability affected you in your life?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

On reading habits

Sometime in the last year I transitioned from binge-watching TV late into the night to binge-reading (that being said, I did quickly plow through all three seasons of this show - it's so good). It's safe to say I've experienced all of these symptoms lately.

When I pick up a good, enthralling book, I'm counting down the minutes until I can crawl back into bed to pick it back up again.

I finished this quick read for book club a couple weeks ago (and also this one, which I highly recommend), then this exciting book. I'm almost through this easy, captivating beach read, I have this one on my nightstand, and I've been warned I'll need a lighthearted, fun book like this one after that.

For someone who used to only read the occasional magazine, this has been a huge shift. For many years, I was forcing myself to read (and always finish) the wrong books. I no longer care about what's made the bestseller lists, if I can't get into it in the first 50 pages, I move on (my tip: download the sample on iBooks and if you like the first 30 or so pages, order the book!).

What binge-worthy books have you read? Please share below.
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