Hello, and welcome to Lake House Effect.

In 2011 I wrapped a whirlwind, one-year lake home remodel with a baby in tow.  During those long days, I would look out at Lake Michigan and feel a sense of calm amidst the chaos of new motherhood. That stillness welcomed a space in my mind that restored balance and creativity. And with that, the Lake House Effect blog was born.

Since then, we have moved around the city, finally building our current home in 2016. More importantly, we’ve welcomed three more children, completing our party of six.

Over the years, I have experienced a lot that life has to offer; joy and happiness mingled with some tough losses and failures, but I am always striving for an emotional wellness I believe is possible for us all.

The wellness you will find here is in the form of nourishing food, laughter, family togetherness, finding and sharing passions, and addressing difficult issues while remaining open to change.

We are all trying to live our best life and my greatest wish is for this space to be a resource on your journey. Thank you for being here.
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