Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Election Day

It all seems cynical now, but as a teen, I used "privileged" like a dirty word. As in, "how privileged to have two parents?" Or, “how privileged to buy that thing/travel there/do that?" And like most teenagers, it was undoubtedly said with attitude and a scowl. Within my own vocabulary, "privileged” was interchangeable with "spoiled."

There's no denying privileges yield certain advantages, but it's not exactly "spoiled" if it's appreciated and respected as the blessing it is.

In this country we all share one privilege: the ability to vote. It's the gift of an opinion, and to make that opinion heard. Don't squander that.

Last week, I returned home after my kindergartener's Halloween parade to find a message about a possible area bomb threat (that turned out to be nothing more than a prank). I was moved to tears thinking about how often I take our safety for granted; and how that safety can quickly be compromised.

I typically avoid political discussions here not only because I'm saddened beyond words, but because I want this space to be peaceful and uplifting. However, regardless of your political affiliations, I encourage you to use your privilege to vote today.

If you're in Wisconsin, your polling place can be found here, and here's a sample ballot. A complete list of candidates in our state can be found here.

Are you voting today?

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