Thursday, October 18, 2018

On writing

I'll let you in on a little secret: most bloggers write posts weeks in advance. Perhaps it’s because sponsorships have specific time requirements? Maybe it’s because a rigorous posting schedule doesn’t allow for time to write between photo shoots and other deadlines?

As a non-blogger blogger (is this a thing?), I’m not restricted by these guidelines, so I pretty much operate on the fly. It’s probably because I think and write spontaneously too. Often times I’ll be going about the typical day when I'm struck with an idea.

Most of the time, I am driving to school pick-up or mid-lunch with a toddler, and I can’t drop everything to flush out a thought. I carry a notebook (and my favorite pen) so in desperate times I can jot down a couple sentences, but my writing takes a backseat to life.

In the last two months, I collected all those sentences and unfinished thoughts into something resembling a dozen blog posts. The keywords being “something resembling.” It wasn’t so much a compelling piece of work I’d proudly share here as much as a lot of fragmented nonsense. Each time I’d start anew, I’d get caught up trying to finish these previous inspirations into complete thoughts worthy of publishing. It ended up feeling more like an anchor than the life raft I needed on days when time was limited.

I don’t want to write like that. It’s a bad use of my time and yours, and I appreciate your support and readership more than to post something that’s just “good enough” so I can check that box. I woke up this morning and deleted all of those incomplete posts. It appears that the quote, “let go to move forward,” is as applicable to writing as it is to life.

See you back here next week for some new and refreshing content. Xo

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