Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Learning new things

I appreciate a great book or podcast. My inner-student relishes in researching things and experimenting with new products. Learning new things is such an integral part of growth and improvement, don't you think?

Last week, I was reminded the importance of setting aside logistics and schedules, and taking a break (and that glorious break was spent here).

Other times, I learn something through repeated experience, like gratitude is the fastest way to inner peace, or solo time is necessary for mental health.

Sometimes it becomes evident as it's practiced over time, like all the ways to be more patient.

Sometimes it's frivolous like this shampoo and conditioner combined with this guarantee a good hair day.

Or that the best white tees (and the best long-sleeved ones here) don't have to be expensive.

And the best deodorant is chemical-free (and lives up to the hype).

On occasion, necessity is the teacher, and I discover an entire house can be cleaned with only these.

Every once and awhile, it's something life-changing, and worth the time to subscribe and read daily.

What new things have you learned lately?

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