Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Worthy Reads: August edition

Camps and summer sports are ending, and we're slowly coming to terms with the fact that school starts in a couple short weeks. Summer days can seem so long, but this time of year I'm always surprised how quickly the months flew by. I hope you enjoy this month's edition of internet reads with sibling giggles in the background (rather than fighting), knowing full well, you'll miss it all soon enough.

"We now live in a country where it is seen as abnormal, or even criminal, to allow children to be away from direct adult supervision, even for a second." What does this mean for us parents? More importantly, what will this mean for our kids?

I love the idea of incorporating a five minute happier workout in my daily routine.

My new favorite instagram account for daily inspiration and reflection.

Did you know Trader Joe's has a recipe section on their website? I'd love to have this for dinner and this for dessert. And wouldn't this make an impressive (but super simple) dessert for dinner guests?

In other food-related news, my garden has exploded! Please send me your favorite zucchini and tomato recipes ASAP.

If you're on the hunt for a fitted but not too fitted, not sheer, perfect white tee, a blogger/internet friend shared her unexpected source with me. And you guys, these are so good and only $8!

I just started this book and I'm already hooked. Have you read it?

Finally, please remember to vote today. More information for my Wisconsin friends here.

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