Thursday, August 16, 2018

Whatever happens, love that

For someone who spent years reading only magazines, books have really been showing up for me. "Whatever happens, love that," is the last line in this book (and one that I highly recommend). That sentence got me thinking about what that means in my own life.

As your typical type A person, I always have a plan. And a back-up plan for the plan. Just when I've accounted for every scenario, life happens. And oh boy, I admit I'm not the best at dealing with the uncertainty that comes with it. Instinctively, as adrenaline takes over, I will do anything to to turn the tide in my favor; fighting to the bitter end.

Oh my goodness, what I wish my younger self knew about break-ups, career disappointments, those devastating miscarriages - at the risk of sounding melodramatic, all those times I was convinced my life was ending because I didn't get what I planned for and so desperately wanted.

Because it wasn't what I needed.

It's only normal to believe we know what we need most, and do whatever we can to actualize it. But I've discovered that some of the greatest things have happened when I didn't plan for them. In the moment, it never occurred to me that what I actually needed was to be changed by and grow from heartbreak, failure, or disappointment. Would I have met my husband? Ever taken a break? Be the mother I am? Birthed these exact three beautiful babies?

Acceptance, marriage, children, wealth, that job, that house, that friendship....we are convinced we need things that aren't always true to ourselves or aren't truly needed by us.

So while I will always have a thoughtful plan in my back pocket, show up, and give it my best effort, being able to surrender and accept there is a power and energy greater than myself is essential. We are given exactly what we need at that exact moment in time. Let that sit with you for a moment, because there is so much peace there. I will forever be working on this, and I'm grateful life continues to give me opportunities to evolve and find calm in the unexpected.

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