Thursday, July 26, 2018

The importance of family vacations

“We are a collection of experiences, not things.”

Part of those experiences include taking family vacations. It only takes one great family trip to realize the importance that break is to a healthy mind. Exploring a new place brings a freshness to your relationships, spending time with family in the absence of day-to-day responsibilities reminds you how cool and fun your people are, and trying new things expands your horizons and your mind.

So I’m curious, do you have an annual budget for a family vacations? (We don’t). Do you plan months ahead or are you a spontaneous traveler? (I’m a planner, but unfortunately not far enough to get any vacation deals, but I should do more to capitalize on pre-trip happiness). How do you find new vacation spots – a friend, travel agent, websites? (I rely on websites, but am so curious about using a travel agent). What has been your favorite family vacation? (Ours was Charleston or this one).

I would love to read about your best family vacations in the comments below.

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