Tuesday, July 17, 2018

On reading habits

Sometime in the last year I transitioned from binge-watching TV late into the night to binge-reading (that being said, I did quickly plow through all three seasons of this show - it's so good). It's safe to say I've experienced all of these symptoms lately.

When I pick up a good, enthralling book, I'm counting down the minutes until I can crawl back into bed to pick it back up again.

I finished this quick read for book club a couple weeks ago (and also this one, which I highly recommend), then this exciting book. I'm almost through this easy, captivating beach read, I have this one on my nightstand, and I've been warned I'll need a lighthearted, fun book like this one after that.

For someone who used to only read the occasional magazine, this has been a huge shift. For many years, I was forcing myself to read (and always finish) the wrong books. I no longer care about what's made the bestseller lists, if I can't get into it in the first 50 pages, I move on (my tip: download the sample on iBooks and if you like the first 30 or so pages, order the book!).

What binge-worthy books have you read? Please share below.

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