Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Life lately

I'm taking a break from my regularly scheduled content to bring you: real life. Ha!

Lately I have been feeling...off...wistful maybe...

Nostalgic for a less complicated time; one with less concern and gossip over other people's lives and personal decisions; a slower-paced, more thoughtful life, when we had all the time to have real conversations. Basically, nostalgic for the summers of my own childhood.

Does that exist in today's world? Or even more curious, did that actually exist in the 1980s, or is that just what we call childhood (and conversely, this is what we call "adulting")?

Now, I consider myself a spiritual person who believes in fate, karma, and other supernatural powers, but I wasn't sure where I stood on the manifestation of thoughts and feelings. Until this weekend.

I was craving a slower life, and boy did the universe hand it to me. Unfortunately, it was in the form of the stomach flu, taking down each family member one-by-one until the only one left standing was a very energetic and unsympathetic one-year-old. If the universe can have a sense of humor, so can I. And I'm going to use that humor and newfound power of manifestation to find a slower pace, laugh often, and squeeze out every last minute of this glorious summer.

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