Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Worthy Reads: June edition

It's finally summer! Now if only today's weather would cooperate, right? This cool, cloudy day makes for a good opportunity to snuggle up and read this month's collection of the best internet finds. I'll just be over here staring at this picture of my babies trying to figure out where the time has gone. But without further ado, here are June's favorites:

A backyard barbecue, park picnic, or post-dinner walk isn't complete without these. Not only are these cups a convenient way to enjoy a beverage, they also make a wonderful housewarming or hostess gift accompanied with a bottle of wine. And I'm proud to call the amazing woman behind this genius product a dear friend.

I just purchased my third bottle of this sunscreen. It's been my go-to every day for almost five years (how's that for a long-lasting product!), and it is the best, non-greasy, lightweight liquid sunscreen I've found.

I finished this book in three days. It got mixed reviews, but if you enjoyed Gone Girl or a similar thriller, I'd recommend it. It's a page-turner and a perfect poolside read. This one is next up on my list. Have you read it?

Such a touching story.

"Compassion is an unlimited resource—in fact, self-compassion breeds compassion not just for others, but in others. If you want your daughter to take responsibility for herself, it’s going to be important for you to take some responsibility, too." Read more about a therapist's thoughtful response to healing a complicated mother-daughter relationship.

A good reminder that too much self-examination isn't healthy.

Mmm, yes please. Dinner. And dessert.

Finally, I'm compiling an interview series with local business owners (think an esthetician, a nutritionist, and a business owner/state assembly candidate). Are there any interviews you'd love to read here? Email me your ideas at amy@lakehouseeffect.com. I'll see you back here Thursday with my first guest!

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