Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The scarcity epidemic

I've been hearing about scarcity's role in our current society frequently these days. And it only makes sense when we live in a busy world of social media likes and endless stories about the power of money.

I am guilty of being in a place of want or need in my own life more often than I should. And for those who know me or have spent any time following me here, you know that's just ridiculous.

But our world supports these ideas. We are taught there is a finite amount of money and resources for the taking. On a smaller level, my own community consists of like families employed in a similar industry; one that is money-focused and ultracompetitive by nature. Just last week my husband mentioned last month's credit card bill was massive. And oh my, those lasting childhood stresses instantly triggered me and I was quickly tricked into believing there is not enough.

Scarcity is a real thing. It's the basic problem in which all economic theory was derived. The idea that people will always want more than the resources support.

Not enough money becomes my job isn't paying me enough, which quickly becomes I should have gone to a better college, but I'm not smart enough, for example. Scarcity transforms from "there is not enough" to "I am not enough." That is a dangerous place to live.

But there's hope (always, right?). Scarcity is an easy fix. It is simply a misallocation of personal resources. Spend less time seeking wealth and recognition, spend more time on opportunities to live in abundance that only comes with deeper connection and love.

While we still have to make money to support the financial demands of our families and we still enjoy pursuing our professional goals, we can't limit fulfillment to the superficial. One day we may not get that promotion or the economy will take a hit or we'll write a super amazing blog post and no one will read it (just me?). Extrinsic forces can and will fail us and if we've given them more weight, we will begin to believe everything in life is scarce.

If we celebrate the success of others, give love freely and often, make time to connect with loved ones, support someone else’s goals and accomplishments, we move the needle toward unwavering internal abundance. When I stop and relish in the company of friends or the laughter of children, I can’t help but feel overwhelming wealth; and scarcity has no place there.

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