Thursday, June 7, 2018

Simple food swaps

Woah, these busy weeks before summer hit me hard and I have been eating in all the ice cream (forever my weakness), snacks, and wine. I'm have no regrets about the occasional indulgence, but when it's every meal, my stomach is pretty unhappy and repays me with that sluggish, overall unhealthy feeling.

These days, it's easy to replace the usual snacks and staples with healthier, cleaner versions. So I'm going back to the basics with these simple food swaps:

Ghee is a great replacement for butter in cooking. I actually prefer the taste to traditional butter and a small amount goes a long way. In that same sphere, coconut oil is a great dairy-free replacement in baking. With it's high heat threshold, it also works well in cooking, especially if you're making a stir-fry or a meal that lends itself to a little coconut flavor.

I used to be addicted to wheat thins, but now almond crackers are my thing. They are so much better than regular crackers and so filling.

When there's no time to whip up homemade salad dressing, I love Primal Kitchens Dressings. The ingredients are clean. I've also been using Trader Joe's Green Goddess dressing; a thick, herby dressing conveniently located near the salad in the refrigerated section.

Honey is a great substitute for sugar, but when a liquid won't cut it (i.e. in baking) monkfruit sweetener is the perfect one-to-one replacement.

Banza pasta made from chickpeas (my kids eat this with no complaints), or better yet, a roasted spaghetti squash, is an great alternative to regular pasta.

Sometimes I think I have the appetite of a five-year-old. Thankfully, dried mango or fruit leather are enough to quiet my inner child's gummy bear cravings.

Hummus is a substitute for cheese, said no Wisconsinite ever. But hummus does make a delicious addition to a summer smorgrasbord.

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