Thursday, May 31, 2018

The tradition of letter writing

I recently read this book and although it's good, I was really struggling with how to put the big ideas into action in my day-to-day life. But leave it to my kids to create the perfect opportunity!

My daughter is dealing with some friend stuff and maybe feeling a bit inferior in some of her activities. As a parent, it's so crushing to witness and difficult not bring all your own feelings and insecurities into the mix. Instead of talking her through it, I decided to write so I could put my thoughts together in a cohesive and mindful way. I wanted to remind her that she is seen and loved, not for her accomplishments, but just as she is.

My Dearest Emmerson,

I’ve been thinking about you so much lately. You’re growing so fast and I worry I never have enough time with you.

But I see you everywhere.

I see you in the books I find open on your nightstand, your bathroom counter, the kitchen table. Reading and devouring information whenever there’s a free moment. I know it’s not long before you know more than I do about most things. I see you in the homework you’ve written, erased, and rewritten to make sure the answers and handwriting are just perfect. I see you in the curls you wear pulled back tightly into a ponytail every day hoping to go unnoticed despite their unique beauty. I see you in the way you nervously approach unfamiliar situations and your desire to be accepted, with friends or at dance or in school, while protecting your sensitive heart. I see you in your kindness towards your brother and sister – always giving, even if it means sacrificing your only lollipop.

Mostly I see you. For everything you are and want to be.

My greatest wish is for you to see yourself as I see you. You are brilliant. You are hard-working. You are kind, sweet, and gentle with people’s hearts. You are beautiful, I mean, really beautiful. You are strong. You are creative. You are generous and giving to all others.

You deserve the world, and if I could package it up and give it to you, I would. But I can’t. You’re going to have believe in yourself and do the work and decide what things, activities, and people are for you. And you'll figure it all out because you are one capable little girl. And I will be here if you need me.

Emmerson, I see you and I love you. Don’t ever doubt that.

Have you written a letter to your child? I’m pretty sure there were a couple teenage years when letters were the only way my mom and I communicated. Ha!

Later that night I found a piece of construction paper on my nightstand with the words, "Mom, I love you." It fills my heart to say our letter writing tradition will continue.

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