Thursday, May 24, 2018

Preparing for summer (with kids)

Although I'm anxiously awaiting summer vacation, summertime can be a mixed bag in our household. I feel free without the responsibility of school lunches, homework help, spelling test practice, and all the driving. On the other hand, the lack of routine and autonomy can make some days so stressful.

I am definitely of the “it’s okay to be bored” parenting camp, however, at their young ages, my children still need some prompts when it comes to filling their free time.

Here’s what I’m doing to prepare for summer:

Activities: I’ve mentioned before that I’ve struggled with finding the balance in this, but I’m optimistic about this year. The girls are registered for two weeks of mornings camp; and horseback riding, tennis, swim, and piano lessons. This will provide them with some structure and scheduled time outside of the house, but most importantly, still allow time for my toddler to nap.

Crafts: Earlier this week, I stocked up on art supplies for the summer for the inevitable rain day when their normal activities are cancelled and we're stuck inside. My girls love art and nothing says possibility like a new box of crayons! I also bought scratch paper, play doh (not my favorite, but provides hours of entertainment when combined with this), beads, watercolor paints, and all the paper. I will also continue our kiwi crate subscription. Each box takes them an afternoon to put together and they play with their creations for days.

Outings: I keep a running list in my phone of other activities we can do on a whim. Our favorites include strawberry picking, the zoo, Discovery World, the children’s museum, a movie, the farmer’s market, the library, and the fair. What are your favorite places to visit during the summer?

Me Time: Finally, I think it’s still important to find some time for myself every week. I don’t have a summer nanny, but I am hoping to secure a sitter for a couple hours per week so I can get a haircut or write or read or take myself to lunch. I always return feeling refreshed and excited to see the kids.

How are you preparing for summer break?

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