Thursday, May 17, 2018

Daily health habits

I have a lengthy list of unconventional habits I've collected and refined over the years. Some have come and gone, but others have become daily rituals. Rituals that provide health, balance, and comfort that comes with routine. You can always find my favorites here, but this is what currently makes up my morning routine:

Shower: Classify this one under mental health. I am perhaps alone is this, but I would choose a shower over sleep any day. I don't feel like myself unless I've had the warm water wash over me and I’ve savored a moment of quiet before the chaos of the day. I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for years. Besides the lovely bright smell, it also leaves my hair feeling clean yet hydrated.

Oil pulling: Simply put, it's just swishing oil around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes just as you would mouthwash, but longer and without the burn. I use coconut oil for the taste and antibacterial properties. I do my oil pulling during my morning shower. I've been addicted to this for years because my teeth feel so amazingly clean afterwards.

Tongue scrapping: After I get out of the shower, I use this tongue scrapper to get any bacteria left on my tongue. It's totally gross, but oddly satisfying. 

Green juice: After I'm ready for the day and have had some water, I have a glass of green juice. I make a blend of kale, cucumbers, oranges, and apples on the weekend (it's best consumed within a few days) and keep it in a glass carafe in the refrigerator. I made an investment in this juicer years ago in a desperate attempt to rid myself of winter illness. After I started nursing my son, I was constantly thirsty and water wasn't cutting it. I'm confident it has helped my hydration and immunity.

Tea with collagen: Mid-morning, I will make a cup of tea with collagen peptides. I immediately noticed a difference in my skin after incorporating it into my daily routine, but I also like it because it fills me with little extra protein and helps with joint health (thanks for the bad knees, mom). That warm cup of tea symbolizes my quiet time during Mitchell's morning nap and while both girls are at school. I heat the water in a kettle, add a teaspoon of creamed cinnamon honey, and a touch of almond milk. Mmmm.

Smoothie: The highlight of my routine is my daily protein shake. I actually feel shaky and a little off without it. I use this clean protein powder (this is a great, less expensive option), a pinch of sea salt, half a banana, and a handful of frozen cherries or blueberries blended with almond milk. Sometimes I'll add a couple drops of stevia and cacao powder if I'm craving something sweet.

What daily habits and rituals do you most enjoy? Do you have a good smoothie recipe or a favorite tea? Please share below.

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