Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A cure for apathy

I don’t know if it’s the recent weather, but I kind of feel like a rain cloud – dreary and unmotivated. But since I assume you didn't come here to read about that, let's talk about what to do if you're in a funk. I could definitely use the reminder.

First, it's important to give yourself permission to feel. Allow yourself to take a personal day and don't feel guilty or apologetic. Everyone experiences days like this, and I can speak from experience that ignoring how you feel and pushing forward only compounds the issue.

Don't forget to practice some self-care. Take a bath, treat yourself to a pedicure, go for a walk, or try something from this list.

Do something you love, unless it's writing, then choose something else. Ha! Based on my weekend attempt at writing, I can tell you it's nearly impossible to be positive and inspirational when you're feeling despondent. But find something that speaks to you and feels uplifting. I usually crack open a new cookbook and get to work. I'm already planning to cure my mood this upcoming weekend, so help a girl out and please send me your cookbook or recipe suggestions.

Giving makes us happy, plain and simple, so do something for someone else. There’s nothing like the satisfaction I get from mailing a handwritten letter to a friend or surprising someone I love with a small gift or showing up for someone when he or she doesn't necessarily expect it.

Stay away from social media. Here's the further explanation, as if we needed it.

Say yes to something new. The quickest way out of a mood is to change up routine. If you usually prefer curling up on the couch with a good book, try hitting the hiking trails with a podcast instead. If date night always includes dinner, try a bike ride and a pit stop for a glass of rosé.

Finally, see the world through your child's eyes. My toddler screams with excitement every single time he sees a bird. It doesn't matter if it's the same ole' black crow. He runs to the window and intently watches it as it hops around picking at the grass in search of food. Everything is new and exciting to kids. Take a moment to sit alongside them and realize that all things, including the dark rain clouds above you, are miracles. That presence and wonder may bring you the perspective shift you need to kick that mood once and for all.

What do you do to lift your spirits? Any and all tips are appreciated.

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