Monday, April 30, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here are my favorite pretty things for Mother's Day. Some I've recently ordered for myself (that's totally allowed, right?), and some I'm planning to gift to others.

Whether you are a mother, plan to be one, or are motherly and loving to others, we all deserve to be celebrated. Our gift is so important. I hope this holiday serves as a reminder that no matter how distracted/tired/impatient we might feel at times, we are always enough.

How are you celebrating Mother's Day?

1. Mother and Child. This book is getting rave reviews so I didn't hesitate to order a copy. 2. Haven + Blythe Soaking Salt. It's moisturizing, smells amazing, and there's no better gift than the promise of relaxation. 3. Personalized Keychain. An adorable idea for a mom who is always losing her keys at the bottom of her purse (update: this keychain is small and works best for a single key). 4. Scattered Hearts. A new favorite everyday necklace. 5. Kate Spade Cameron Street Garden Wallet. A colorful, daily reminder of how much she's appreciated. 6. Joules Myriam Scarf. A cheerful pop of color for her hair, wrist, or neck. 7. BeautyCounter Lip Conditioner in Peppermint. Similar to my beloved Burt's Bees, but so luxurious.

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