Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Believing in yourself

I hope you had a lovely spring break. As I watched my daughter in the pool on our Florida vacation, I found myself writing this post in my head. You see, my daughter believes with such conviction that she's an Olympic level swimmer. She jumps in the water, flailing her arms and legs, only to emerge wide-eyed with the realization she is not. I have to give her credit though, because she gets right back in and tries again. I've stopped trying to convince her she's not quite ready, because someday soon, she will be and believing she can do it is so much of the battle, isn't it?

Somewhere along the way, we lose that ability to truly believe in ourselves with such certainty. Self-doubt, and logistical and financial realities replace the space where hopes, dreams, and conviction used to reside.

And wow, that self-doubt can be all consuming and has definitely made me hesitate going after some big things in life. It almost prevented me from being able to share with you in this forum. I'm no expert, not a doctor or a therapist. I'm simply a woman, wife, and mother who has experienced a lot of life. Each time I sit down at my computer I wonder if that is enough.

I have never been much of a goal-setter, it's seems so "big idea." But lately I have begun this process of meditating on an idea; call it a goal if you will. I really allow it to take up space in my mind, envisioning the excitement/pride/happiness I would feel in accomplishing something big. The adrenaline gets me going and encourages me to work backwards to figure out the steps required to get there.

So I'm ready to put this idea out into the universe: I want to grow this blog. Not to make money or have some kind of social media fame (I don't understand social media enough to make that happen! Ha!) or to finally put my journalism degree to use. I want to grow this blog because it encourages me to live authentically and transparently. In this crazy world of curative content, the portrait of the "perfect" family, photo editing, and product placement, this tiny space on the internet centers me and brings me back to my truth.  In sharing that truth, I hope it encourages others to live in theirs. And don't we all deserve to live the best, most authentic life possible?

I'm taking a lesson from my five-year-old, and I'm jumping into the deep end hoping I will swim.

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For good measure, I've also added a few of our (non-edited) vacation photos below.

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