Tuesday, March 6, 2018


I'm still coming down from the high of last weekend. It's wasn't a particularly special weekend (although we did celebrate our special guy's birthday), but it was the perfect combination of events that left me feeling fulfilled.

Saturday began early with my daughter's dance competition, followed by baking and decorating a cake (with this best ever frosting), we surprised him with a silly string attack (our birthday tradition that still results in so much laughter), we had an amazing date night, enjoyed Sunday's sunshine and even had some downtime (I watched this thought-provoking movie).

It was mostly a typically family weekend, but I'll tell you the single thing that made all the difference. Gratitude. It's one of those buzz words that seems difficult to put into practice, but is actually quite simple.

I awoke Saturday morning to an epic Lake Michigan sunrise that forces you to stop and absorb that moment. As I did this, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I reflected that inward, feeling grateful to be alive, and practiced gratitude for my health. My attention quickly turned to the little giggles from the next room and I was again filled with gratitude for my three amazing, beautiful children.

On the way home from the dance competition, I thanked my daughter for allowing me to watch her competition, but instead she uncharacteristically told me I wasn't actually invited (eight years going on teenager some days). Initially it stung, but I caught myself and was reminded that we were both exhausted and instead I chose to practice gratitude yet again. I felt grateful for the special time with her and we quickly moved on and enjoyed the rest of our day together.

The more I paused to recognize things happening around me, the more grateful I felt. It it turns out, gratitude begets gratitude; and I'm convinced this is key to a life of peace and contentment.

For good measure, some iPhone photos from our weekend.

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