Thursday, January 25, 2018

Learning something new

The tree in this scenario is a camera. You see, I bought a DSLR four years ago, and four years it has sat nearly untouched. It made an occasional appearance at holidays, but it served as a reminder that I intended to learn photography, but never did. I built a house and had a baby and filled my life with other (important) things, but mostly I didn't learn photography because it seemed like an overwhelming undertaking. 

Do you feel this way about learning new things?

I reacted similarly when it came to lesser things like using my Instant Pot (now my favorite kitchen appliance) or my immersion blender (equally convenient). And even silly things like using Instagram or wearing newly purchased clothing. I considered these items useful and important when I made the purchases, buying them with the best intentions, but when it came to incorporating them into my daily routine, I couldn't face the learning curve. Or maybe it's because I'm time deprived and feared practicing something I may not be good at would be a waste on many levels. Yet I'm constantly encouraging my children to try new activities, new foods, new sports, and learn what they love. 

There is always value in learning.

So here I am, a grown woman without so much as a high school photography class to go on, but determined to learn how to use my camera. Last weekend I cracked open the instruction manual, so now I know each button's purpose. It's a start, right? According to this article, Thursday may be the best time to start something new. But now seems like the best time to me, even if it's four years overdue.

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