Friday, October 5, 2012

What we've been doing...

I'm sorry about the lack of posting. I have a few things to blog about, but I have been battling a nasty cold that my daughter brought home from school. I am hoping we can all get our immunity up quickly so we aren't dealing with illness all winter!

The sunrise and sunset have been absolutely amazing the last week. I saw my first shooting star (!) and we watched the moon rise over the lake one night.

Emmerson had picture day at school this week. Sadly, these might be the only pictures we'll have of her because she had a meltdown. She didn't want to take a break from playing for a picture. I can't blame her - I'm not one for a posed portrait either.

She was so excited about her skirt and sparkly tights though. I'm happy she's finally excited about clothes (even though she might still be a bit of a tomboy and wants to wear rain boots with most dresses). She's such a cutie!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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