Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mirror makeover

I think the first rule in resale shopping is keep your eyes and mind open. You rarely find exactly what you went to look for, but you might just find something else that's perfect in another room. That's exactly how I stumbled upon this mirror. I was leaving and saw it in the window and knew I had the perfect nook for it in our foyer. And for just $30, it was mine.

I sanded it lightly (only because it was painted with a textured paint) and spray painted it, first with a white primer to make sure none of the gold finish would show through. 

The key to spray painting is to never start or stop on the frame. Shake the can well and start spraying off the mirror frame (on the cardboard), spray continuously and then move the paint back on the cardboard to stop. This will prevent drips from too much paint.

This mirror worked out perfectly.

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