Monday, August 27, 2012

Home buying nightmare

I usually don't use this blog for this purpose, but I feel so strongly about this issue that I have to say something here. I heard about this story months ago and read the article in the newspaper yesterday.

It wasn't the article that bothered me, it was the comments. Many of the comments were negative and directed toward the family that purchased the home. Maybe it's difficult to feel empathy for a successful and well-off family, but I am still shocked at the underlying jealousy in the comments.

I agree that this story is an extreme and we all know that news loves sensationalism. But the readers seem to be so focused on the circumstances of this extreme (the price of the home, the owner's job description, the home inspection) and the lessons are lost on those readers who can't see past their envy.

I learned during the purchase of our latest home, that all realtors (even your own) represent the seller unless you have a signed document stating otherwise. This allows realtors a certain protection. Even though we were aware of this, we were still the victims of some misrepresented information.

Also, those who have purchased a home and had a home inspection know that a home inspection has no guarantees and the inspector can not be held liable. Our first home inspector caught many problems and saved us money, but our second inspector failed to notice the most obvious items.

I am surprised that readers were critical of the family for being too trusting of the sellers. It saddens me to think that we can be criticized for not being a cynic and instead seeing the good in people (and our neighbors).

When I was in high school, I may have been able to relate to the critical comments. There were times I was envious (and sometimes critical) of those who lived more privileged lives. But as an adult and mother, I don't like seeing bad things happen to anyone, no matter their income level.

There is a lesson about home buying in this article for those who wish to see it. But there's also a lesson on compassion and life for those who don't.

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