Friday, July 6, 2012

The only thing that matters

As I sit here, I am a blogger, a reader of a dozen websites and blogs daily, a full-time mother, wife, chef, decorator, dog walker and housekeeper. There are so many daily influences and pressures, I can feel like I’m just not doing enough.

When it’s a particularly busy day, I will rush to put Emmerson down for a nap. Often, she falls asleep. But there are times when she fusses and cries until I go back in her room. I pick her up and rock her in my arms, kiss her soft skin. All she needs is her mommy. She reminds me that I am always doing enough.

I don’t have to be a gourmet chef, a gardener, a professional anything. I don’t have to focus on all that I’m not or the things I can do better. I just have to make her feel like the most important, loved person ever born. And to me she is just that.

Have a lovely weekend.

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