Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No electricity

At 6:00 last night, we lost power in a storm. Two things happened. I realized we spent too much time with our electronics - checking emails, on the internet and watching mindless television. Secondly, when the rooms darken as the sun sets, we get tired and it’s much easier to fall asleep. I know, this should be common sense, right?

The neighborhood kids were out playing during the outage and we reminisced about how fun it was when the electricity went out as kids. I don’t exactly remember why that was though.

I did have this weird sense that it was “stolen” time or extra time in the day. It’s silly, but maybe it’s just because the clocks were out so I wasn’t aware of the time. I did some cleaning, took a bath with Emmerson, had a quiet dinner prepared on the grill, ate popsicles (we had to because everything was melting), and we read stories in bed until the sun went down.

It was a rare, calm night that reminded me to turn off the computers and television, keep it simple and be present. 


  1. Oh no - you lost power? How long was it out? Those popsicles looks delicious - are they homemade?

  2. Yeah, it was fun until hour three and then we started to get worried (and hot because we had no AC and there was no breeze outside). It came back on about 10:30. And yes, the popsicles are homemade. The "recipe" is today's post.


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