Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The death of manners

I came across this and I had to share it. Above all else, it is so important to us that our daughter has good manners, but I'm worried that our definition of "good" manners has changed.

For example, most weekends, we have a family movie night. We watch a kid movie and snuggle on the couch. At the risk of making myself sound older than I am, I am appalled by what is rated G and PG these days. No swear words are off limits in PG movies and the use of idiot, stupid, dumb, etc. are common in G movies. Is it wrong that I don't think a two-year-old needs to be exposed to this? I'm not naive to the fact that she will probably learn all of these words in preschool, but at least then, she will be at an age when I can explain to her why we don't use those words.  Currently, there is no rationalizing with this two-year-old.

We don't want to lose our family movie nights, but we have to stick to G movies and may even have to preview any questionable ones.

And on election day, I have to share this too. Don't the political attack ads just make you sad?! And don't get me started on celebrities...

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  1. I agree...I showed the first Harry Potter in class on Friday and forgot that they use a few "minor" curse words in that movie! I don't think G or PG movies should have curse words and I even agree about words like stupid and idiot.


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