Monday, May 21, 2012

A Cup Of Jo: Best chocolate chunk cookies?

I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies this weekend, so I thought I'd finally try out the recipe from one of my favorite blogs, A CUP OF JO.

I was drawn to this recipe because they are gluten-free, I had all the ingredient on hand (ridiculous, I know - you should see our pantry), and well, I will make anything that has the word "best" in front of it.

This recipe makes chewy chocolate chip cookies, but asks if you are chewy or crispy cookie person. I have to laugh because I don't know a crispy cookie person. It's as if I'm only drawn to chewy cookie lovers because I don't think I have one friend that prefers a crispy cookie. So where are these supposed crispy cookie people?

I followed the recipe exactly. I would rate this one 7 out of 10. Maybe I overcooked them? Maybe my taste buds are off because I haven't tasted a full fat cookie in a while? The cookies were chewy, but the texture was grainy.

Don't get me wrong, I will eat them, but they probably won't make my "best" list. I'm excited to try this recipe next. Have you tried it?

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