Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to cut mango, avocado and onion

Last weekend, I made this great salsa and thought, what is the correct way to cut mango? An internet search later and sure enough, I’ve been doing it wrong.

I'm certainly not a trained chef, but here are my step-by-step pictures and instructions to dice a mango, avocado and onion.
Mango has a flat, oval pit.
Cut the top and bottom of the mango.
Set the section containing the pit aside.
Slice the mango horizontal, then vertical,
but not through the skin.
Turn inside out.

Cut mango as close to skin as possible.
Now take the section with the pit.
Cut along either side of pit.
Remove skin and dice.
Cut the avocado in half, revealing the pit.
Tap the pit with a knife so it is wedged
into it. Wiggle the knife and the pit will
come loose (if the avocado is ripe).

Cut avocado in cross hatch pattern,
but not through skin.

Scoop out with spoon.

Cut the onion in half from root to top
and peel off outer layer.
Slice onion, being careful not to slice through root

Slice the opposite direction creating a dice.
Discard root section.

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